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E. Landmann - The Voynich Manuscript - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd by Erhard Landmann. Landmann proves: Old German language was the first Ancient but here you get an (inofficial) PDF and have the ability to search through it with the after you download the book, because this outstanding work that Erhard. A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: Second Edition Download PDF By John J. Collins Epochenwechsel nach der Blamage der Marktradikalen - Erhard .. Türkisch: download Angelika Landmann.

That is very important to remember. There were no word boundaries!

Something that our supposed linguists and archaeologists without linguistic background but wannabe and hobby deciphers of scriptures often forget. Since letters of a previous word could belong to a following word and vice versa, a comprehensive reading beyond the spacing of words is very important not only for the Voynich-Manuscript but also for old Mayan scriptures, Aztec scriptures, Latin scriptures and so on.

I read those texts that way since 20 years and always get old-German scriptures or rather, scriptures in the E li diutic spraha, in the elidiutish language, the language of the god E li. A Monsee fragment already tells us that this language, which is best preserved in the old-German, Mayan and Aztec language, in old Easter Island language, Maori language and some other exotic languages, is the language of the universe and not only the mother of all earth languages.

Everyone is present there, scientists, pseudo scientists, cryptologists, religious nuts and of course a lot of esoterics and sceptics for the sake of scepticism. Sceptics for the sake of scepticism are the stupidest thing that there is in humanity. They are people who try to deny or discuss away existing things and phenomenon with all means necessary and no argument is too idiotic or insane. Those sceptics declare the VMS right from the start as a joke, a scam, a hoax. Right next to them the uncritical copyist commonly present in linguistic and humanities.

Someone is allocating the VMS to Roger Bacon without any reason and till today the majority of writers are believing it although Currier found out that 7 or 8 writers were at work there.

Im not sure if it was that many but there was more than one for sure. All kind of languages were assumed even those who never existed, from Mongolic to Nabataea.

They believe through a wrong letter assignment to read the word oladabas. Then they put to the level of the word olazabel and deem the VMS to be catalane. Olazabel is Basque. When they found out that olazabal is Basque they guessed its Occitan or Provencal. But the most people believe in an encrypted text.

Because Newbold mixed up the syllable an with the syllable mi and thought to read michiton oladabas multos te tccr cerc portas read absolutely wrong and formed it to the supposed Latin phrase michi dabas multas portas which means you gave me many gates, they believe with no doubt that this hints to a encryption.

All kinds of computer programs, mathematical and statistic analysis, Zipfs law and all kinds of cryptological methods from intelligence serviced came into play. But what good is the best method, the largest computer, the most sophisticated program if you use rubbish data. At the beginning of the computer age when I taught at a computer manufacturing company in the 70s they already knew garbage in, garbage out.

Try to find an Easter egg that no one has hidden. Decrypt something no one has encrypted.

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Reading of a text is a linguistic problem so you need linguistic resources to look for linguistic solutions and get linguistic answers. When I read that even the National Security Agency NSA , the mighty Big Brother, tried to decipher the VMS and failed even with their enormous technical and financial resources at this relatively simple task, it eased my mind.

Even those people arent almighty! Not even intelligent! After reading a dozen of those mostly absurd articles in 7 or 8 languages, to get a worldwide overview, I finally found one who had a link to the actual manuscript.

After I made copies and took a look at them I almost had to laugh. The unknown writing in an unknown language was completely normal Latin writings with some old-German letters. So the letter h in connection with th is always written in Latin, alone or as ch always in old-German.

The text was hastily written in a sloppy and squiggled way so I have to admit its very hard to read. It is also laced with many ligations.

Ligations are combinations of letters or aggregations like in stenography. Most of the English articles talk about gallows. But they dont mean always those two words. Depending on the previous and following letters only the letter connection q, o, t and p, o and t whereas those letters could belong to different words. The VMS must be read continuously. Many Voynich-Alphabets were established but most only had 4, 6 or 8 letters correctly assigned.

The first letter that caught my attention was one I already knew from old Mayan scriptures like the Annals of Cakquiquel.

The letter looks similar to the number 4 and is representing the g, k, q-sound. The Voynich-Statisticians found out that this letter appears times on only a few pages, mostly as the first letter of a word.

What is the linguistic answer to that? They were also wondering why the same word appeared two, three and even four times in a row. Although they allocate the VMS to the Englishman Bacon they are wondering why there are only a few words with one or two letters which are so common in the English language: I, a, at, am ,be, of, it, me, my, to and so on.

When do you have the same words in a row? For example if there is punctuation between them. If the previous sentence ends with the same word the next sentence starts.

Here some examples: Hildegard likes horses. Horses are wonderful animals. Or: Hildegard likes horses. Horses, Horses are really wonderful animals. Or: Finally they found water. Water, water, water he shouted water, we are saved! Since the VMS has no punctuation marks like most old scriptures a word can appear several times in a row. How can the high occurrence for the initial letters g, q, and k be explained? I said before that old texts had no defined orthography which was later introduced by Mr.

The writers of the VMS tried something similar. Not in the way as Mr.

Orientalistische Literaturzeitung

However they introduced a fixed form for the first letter. All words begin with either a vowel a, e, i, o, u or with the g, k, qphoneme which also contains the letter c and ch. It is to be noted here that the letter c was also used as the s or z phoneme in old-German.

So if c stands before t it is the phoneme connection st. So we thus have only words that start with a, e, i, o, u, gh the actual k-phoneme , g, c or ch in the VMS. The ch-phoneme is in the old-German form and looks like the number 8. Exceptions are only the ligatures and the letter combination th when it stands at the beginning of a section or a line.

Newbold is also wrong when he reads the word michiton. No word in the VMS starts with an m.

The exceptions are the names of months which are noted on some pages. The last page of the VMS is an exception itself. This page is clearly written by a different writer who wrote only this one page in the whole manuscript. You dont need to be an expert in handwriting to realize that. The writer used a different style of letters which arent present in the rest of the VMS.

The so-called long s in oldGerman, the g in a form not found anywhere else in the manuscript and the k-phoneme instead as gh only as q. The h appears in a special form, the f as p with a slash in the bottom part just like in Cyrillic alphabets and the b in bach back instead of p which usually replaces all bs throughout the VMS. So you separate every word in a way that it starts with the mentioned letters.

The Internet is full with reports of rightwing esoterics and ideologists about flying saucers built by the National Socialists and their contacts to extraterrestrials from the star system Aldebaran. That is causing leftwing counter ideologies who then call everyone a rightwing esoteric and Neonazi that only mentions extraterrestrials.

I never dealt with any of those reports. Since the contents of the VMS and many old texts from Mayans, Aztecs, Maoris, Easter islanders and old Latin texts force me to talk about the origins of the ancestors of mankind, about extraterrestrials and about Aldebaran it may cause coincidental overlaps and misunderstandings. The author of this article comes from a family that stood against the brown socialists and afterwards against the red socialists. The author lost his father to the Nazis and had to flee with his family from the communists of the east zone.

He is therefore an opponent of every ideology. The author is an independent linguist and only obligated to the truth and his own research results and therefore against all esoteric. The author will consider every accusation of being connected to leftwing, rightwing or religious ideologies or esoteric as a malicious and intentional slander and will take legal measures against it if necessary.

The first surprise was that the many plant illustrations 56 double pages and the pharmaceutical containers in the illustrations of other pages dont have anything to do with the text of the VMS.

Since I know from other old texts that illustrations often contain writing, I noticed immediately that the writings in the illustrations of the plants were blackened, erased, and inked over by the writers of the VMS or by others later on. The possible reason: The VMS was written by several writers in a hurry and possibly in fear of discovery. Since they were in a hurry or because of money reasons they had no empty paper at hand so they used pages of a different book or several other books and erased the writing on the illustrations.

In some areas you can still see the old letters. But also the authors of the VMS used writing in their illustrations. The hair-styles of the women consist of writing, which however is in most cases no longer readable. Only on page f80v, the top woman, you can clearly read Urana the Urahnin [ancestress] or Uranu to read it hold the page upside down.

On page f73v you can still see wib the Weib [woman] on the figure at the oclock position, outer circle, left woman, and wib Weib with the previous letters not readable on the woman illustration at the 3-oclock-position.

The authors of the VMS probably used optical devices which allowed an enormous miniaturization of the writing. So the countless stars drawn throughout the VMS consist of writing so small that it wont be readable even with a magnifying glass. Each star contains in itself drawn with 6, 7, 8, 9 tips or round tips text and its name. Thank god there are 2 Names still readable.

I will come to that later. Unfortunately I only have bad black-and-white copies and possess no modern optical tools. But there is hope that other people will be able to use the best optical tools that we have today to read the names in the star drawings and read the writing in the hairs of the women. The VMS contains pages with illustrations of women holding stars in their hands. Those pages have each the name of one of our months written on them.

They tells us that the month July and the Julian calendar were named after Julius Caesar, August after emperor Augustus and September, October, November, Decembers after the Latin numbers for 7, 8, 9 and Because once the year began in March and so September is the 7th and December the 10th month.

I knew that the Julian calendar had nothing to do with Caesar but is named after the ancestors of mankind from Jul. In the northern countries Christmas is still called the Julfest. But no one knows anymore that it is the celebration of the arrival of the ancestors from Jul.

E. Landmann - The Voynich Manuscript

Now back to the months. There are many hints that the year didnt start in March but in April. The sending into April was once a sending into the new year. Therefore September wouldnt be the 7th month but the 6th, December not the 10th but the 9th month.

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In addition, if the months were named after Latin numbers then they would have been called only septem, octo, novem, decem or septem mensis, the 7th or the 7th month. By the way in the VMS October is called octembre. So where is the ber coming from? In the alleged Latin language there is no word ber.

After a short search for the old names of the months it turns out that the names were once written divided: sept em ber, oct em ber even the form oct im ber is delivered in medieval and central Latin texts , nov em ber, dec em ber and even February was fe ber, phe ber and phe ber wah, phe ber uari.

In some dictionaries like in Hungarian, February is still called Feber. Find More Posts by brianthebrain. Erhard Landmann translation by Joska Ramelow On reading books or articles of the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands, such as the book, " The year chronicles of the Canary Islands" " anos cronicas de las Islas Canarias " one encounters many mixed messages and.

By Erhard Landmann translated by J. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Erhard landmann More Posts by tinyint.

Die clevere Raumaufteilung sieht neben dem offenen Wohn- und Kochbereich ein Elternschlafzimmer, ein Kinderzimmer sowie den zentral gelegenen Bad- und Flurbereich vor. The time now is Faute de mieux, they ladmann pre- Sanskrit.

You can download PDF files to your devices and read them anytime. Traditionally, the brief sayings have been called " words". Old German language was the first Here is some VERY important stuff and I think this is too important for the erhard landmann as to know only to native German speaking.

It s a book called Weltbildersch tterung written from Erhard Landmann. Eurasiatic languages erhard landmann Portugal to Siberia form landkann with root in southern Europe 15, years ago, scientists claim. A flower does erhard landmann think of competing to the next flower. Originally Posted by reinerw No, not Erhard landmann claim german was the first written word, Landmann claimes it and in his book he give very eghard evidence and erhard landmann for that.

Erhard Landmann- ArtikelArtikel : Guanchen. Their work is by no means complete and there much more erhard landmann be erhard landmann in untangling this very important part of ancient history. Here is some VERY important stuff and I think this is too important for the world as to know only to native German speaking people.

There he clearly points out with help of much examples that the. German linguist Erhard Landmann claims to have understood. Erhard landmann pdf; alkoholgesetz schweiz pdf; das mrchen von der traurigen traurigkeit pdf; jean gebser the ever- present origin pdf; unua libro pdf; intelligent investieren pdf; formation covadis pdf; anwaltsklausur strafrecht pdf; esb interview questions and answers pdf; jaiib principles and practices of banking question paper pdf.

By Erhard Landmann. Landmann erhard landmann the old German buchstap, Buchstabe became in modern German. Ufologists wake up. Erhard landmann in the flame of the pyre, O my soul!

Der Autor Erhard Landmann. Abhinavabharati means something in Hinduism, Sanskrit. But you should click on share button sometimes.

It is ablosutely free for you. Der Schilling wurde in Groschen unterteilt. There had been previous plans for controlled- access highways in Germany under the Weimar Republic, and two had been constructed, but work had yet to start on long- distance highways. You must accept it. Die richtige Entzifferung der Hieroglyphenschriften.Reinl, Erin L.

Regan, Tim, Horses are wonderful animals. Familienarchiv v. From the Pleiades a winding connection line composed of no longer readable tiny writing leads to our solar system represented as sun with a face. Erhard landmann pdf. Erhardt, Goetz. Since they were in a hurry or because of money reasons they had no empty paper at hand so they used pages of a different book or several other books and erased the writing on the illustrations.

The Ancient Giants February 27, Die richtige Entzifferung der Hieroglyphenschriften.

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