Version: Impala x / CDH x . Overview of the Impala SQL How Impala Fits Into the Hadoop Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala Install Version: Cloudera Impala Impala x / CDH x . How Impala Fits Into the Hadoop Ecosystem. Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala Install Overview of the Impala SQL How Impala Fits Into the Hadoop . Installing Impala from the Command Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala Install Guide. pdf.

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Cloudera, the Cloudera logo, Cloudera Impala, and any other product or service names or slogans contained in this document are trademarks. ABSTRACT. Cloudera Impala is a modern, open-source MPP SQL en- gine architected from the ground up for the Hadoop data processing environment. Impala. Marcel Kornacker. Cloudera, Inc. User submits query via ODBC/JDBC, Impala CLI or Hue to any of the Impala uses Hive's metadata interface, connects to.

See what nearly 90, developers picked as their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages and more in the Developer Survey. Installing cloudera impala without cloudera manager Ask Question. Unable to locate package impala using these queries: Sean Owen Naresh Naresh 1, 7 37 At the terminal do the following: Greg Rahn Greg Rahn 49 1.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. Announcing the arrival of Valued Associate For more information on file formats. Support for creating and altering tables.

To use this feature.

Support for the Parquet file format. If you are using Cloudera Manager. In this version. Hints to allow specifying a particular join strategy. Fully distributed top-n computation. Bigger and faster joins through the addition of partitioned joins to the already supported broadcast joins. Impala is now supported on: Fully distributed aggregations.

Added support for Avro. Cloudera Impala Release Notes 9. Dynamic resource management. Support for the memory limits. Impala is now supported on RHEL5. The format is: Impala now uses the Twitter Bootstrap library to style its debug webpages.

As a result. Cloudera Manager 4. Use the following command if you are already running Impala 1. Incompatible Change Introduced in Cloudera Impala 1.

Now that Parquet support is available for Hive The previous behavior. Incompatible Changes Incompatible Changes Impala contains the following incompatible changes. If you upgrade to Impala 1. Incompatible Changes Introduced in Cloudera Impala 1. If you are running a level of Impala that is older than 1.

These are things such as file format changes. As usual. Impala 1.

Incompatible Changes 4. Incompatible Change Introduced in Version 0.

Other books: I 131 PDF

The beta versions of Impala are no longer supported as of the release of Impala 1. If you upgrade from an earlier version of Cloudera Manager. It does not support the earlier beta versions.

If you upgrade Impala to beta version 0. If you upgrade your Cloudera Manager installation. You might change this setting back to -1 temporarily while debugging crash or hang situations.

When the Cloudera Manager logbuflevel setting for Impala is -1 which it is by default.

You can check the current value of this setting through the Impala web interface at http: High Workaround: On the node where the Hive metastore runs. Cloudera Impala Release Notes Complex queries could result in hundreds of log messages. High Anticipated Resolution: Default log buffering setting in Cloudera Manager will be changed Workaround: In Cloudera Manager. Queries that contain one or more large tables on the right hand side of joins either an explicit join expressed as a JOIN statement or a join implicit in the list of table references in the FROM clause may run slowly or crash Impala due to out-of-memory errors.

Order of table references in FROM clause is critical for optimal performance Impala does not currently optimize the join order of queries. The impalad process will not start on a node running such a filesystem based on the org..

Low Workaround: None Deviation from Hive behavior: Impala does not do implicit casts between string and numeric and boolean types.. For example: Low Anticipated Resolution: None Workaround: Use explicit casts. Undetermined Anticipated Resolution: Limitation Workaround: Medium Anticipated Resolution: To be fixed in a future release Workaround: Modify query.

Hive always deletes the data.

Medium Workaround: ViewFs class. Known Issues and Workarounds in Impala Impala does not support running on clusters with federated namespaces Impala does not support running on clusters with federated namespaces. If you used Cloudera Manager to install Impala.

Beeswax cannot list Hive tables and shows an error on Beeswax startup. Because of a port conflict bug in Hue in CDH4.

High Cloudera Impala Release Notes Fixed in an upcoming CDH4 release Workarounds: Choose one of the following workarounds but only one: For the full list of fixed issues. With this line: Beeswaxd will then use port Known Issues Fixed in the 1. The fix improves the generation of native machine instructions for certain chipsets.

Hue requires Beeswaxd to be running in order to list the Hive tables. The fix causes Impala to check both fields for the schema URL. High Update the serde name we write into the metastore for Parquet tables The SerDes class string written into Parquet data files created by Impala was updated for compatibility with Parquet support in Hive.

High Selective queries over large tables produce unnecessary memory consumption A query returning a small result sets from a large table could tie up memory unnecessarily for the duration of the query. High 16 Cloudera Impala Release Notes. High Views Sometimes Not Utilizing Partition Pruning Certain combinations of clauses in a view definition for a partitioned table could result in inefficient performance and incorrect results.

The fix causes more frequent checking of the limit during query execution. Systems running many queries simultaneously should experience higher performance than in the beta releases. High planner fails with "Join requires at least one equality predicate between the two tables" when "from" table order does not match "where" join order A query could fail if it involved 3 or more tables and the last join table was specified as a subquery.

Systems running only a single query could experience lower performance than in early beta releases.

Apache Impala

For the impala-shell command in Impala 1. Low Cancelled queries sometimes aren't removed from the inflight query list The Impala web UI would sometimes display a query as if it were still running.

High Impala's 1. High Parquet writer uses excessive memory with partitions INSERT statements against partitioned tables using the Parquet format could use excessive amounts of memory as the number of partitions grew large. High Comments in impala-shell in interactive mode are not handled properly causing syntax errors or wrong results The impala-shell interpreter did not accept comment entered at the command line. High Resolution: Fixed Impala is unable to query RCFile tables which describe fewer columns than the file's header.

If an RCFile table definition had fewer columns than the fields actually in the data files. Fixed Hbase region changes are not handled correctly After a region in an HBase table was split or moved. Impala parquet scanner can not read all data files generated by other frameworks Impala might issue an erroneous error message when processing a Parquet data file produced by a non-Impala Hadoop component.


Fixed HBase query missed the last region A query for an HBase table could omit data from the last region. None Known Issues Fixed in the 1. Impala will return more rows than expected that is. Fixed Distributed outer join returns wrong result When you execute an outer join query in distributed mode. For a full list of fixed issues. Known Issues and Workarounds in Impala Bug: Hive returns NULL. Fixed 20 Cloudera Impala Release Notes. Fixed Add some library version validation logic to impalad when loading impala-lzo shared library No validation was done to check that the impala-lzo shared library was compatible with the version of Impala.

The problem was especially serious if an improperly formatted timestamp value was specified for the partition key. Fixed Excessive mem usage for certain queries which are very selective Some queries that returned very few rows experienced unnecessary memory usage. Known Issues and Workarounds in Impala Workaround: Always upgrade the impala-lzo library at the same time as you upgrade Impala itself.

Critical Resolution: Fixed Ctrl-C sometimes interrupts shell in system call. The behavior for empty partition keys was made more compatible with the corresponding Hive behavior.

Round does not output the right precision The round function did not always return the correct number of significant digits. Fixed Parquet performance issues on large dataset Certain aggregation queries against Parquet tables were inefficient due to lower than required thread utilization.

Fixed Parquet scanner hangs for some queries The Parquet scanner non-deterministically hangs when executing some queries.Hot Network Questions. Resource consumption is also reduced for Impala queries. Incompatible Change Introduced in Cloudera Impala 1.

Learning Cloudera Impala

Announcing the arrival of Valued Associate Choose one of the following workarounds but only one: When you create a new table in the Hive shell or through a different Impala node.

Sign up using Facebook. High 16 Cloudera Impala Release Notes. Arul Mani Subramaniam.

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