PAPER TOWNS A CIP catalogue record of this book is available from the British Library. ISBN 1 7 And I said, “Stop b—” and then she did it. Paper Towns is a novel written by John Green, primarily for an audience of young adults, and . Retrieved May 21, ^ "Edgar Award Winners" (PDF). Mystery Writers of America. Archived from the original (PDF) on ^ Green , p. Paper - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Title: Paper Towns Author: John Green Genre: Young adult novel Date of Jase b. Bribing the sister of Margo. Orlando City c. Breaking into the room of Chuck 7.

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Indonesia. Surya Sili English Literature Department, Faculty of Cultural Keywords: gender, gender stereotypes, masculinity, Paper Towns novel Kata kunci: gender, stereotip gender, maskulinitas, novel Paper Towns. Full Text: PDF . 'A novel of life and death and the people caught in between, The Fault in Our. Stars is subsequent An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns, Green has . Books shelved as novel-luar-terjemahan: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Hobbit or There and Back Again by J.R.R. Paper Towns (Paperback) by.

Margo accuses Lacey of not telling her about the affair.

It is revealed later that Lacey was unaware of the affair until she was pranked. The event gives Quentin hope that he finally has a chance to develop a closer relationship with Margo. He begins to learn how to assert himself and to take chances. The next day Margo does not come to school, and after a few days, some consider her missing, others just conclude she left for an undisclosed location.

Margo's parents will not report her missing to the police since she has run away from home repeatedly before, and they believe their daughter will return eventually.

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After seeing a recently attached Woody Guthrie poster on her bedroom wall, Quentin realizes that Margo deliberately left clues for him as to where she would be going. Benjamin and Marcus start searching for other clues in hopes of finding Margo so that Quentin can confess his feelings to her.

Quentin bribes Margo's sister Ruthie Meg Crosbie so that they can look for the clues to Margo's whereabouts in her room. Because of her loyalty to Margo and her revulsion towards Rebecca and Jason's promiscuity , Lacey leaves in disgust.

Quentin finds Lacey in a bathroom and gets to know her, discovering that, beneath her superficial exterior, she is actually an intelligent and compassionate person, and they become friends. After finding more clues, Quentin starts to put them together and is led with his friends to an old gift store at an abandoned strip mall.

They find a map that Margo used, and discover that she has been hiding in Agloe , a paper town located in the State of New York.

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Quentin and his friends, including Marcus's girlfriend Angela Jaz Sinclair , begin a two-day road trip to find Margo, hoping to be home in time for their prom after they find her. They bond on the way, as Benjamin and Lacey are going to the prom together; Marcus and Angela consummate their relationship.

When they do not find Margo where they expect her to be, Quentin stays while the others return home with his car. He finds Margo on the street and admits his affection for her, but she does not feel the same way.

She ran away from home to escape her dysfunctional family life, in an attempt to figure out who she is. She left the clues to let Quentin know that she is safe, not to invite him to follow her.

Paper Towns

Margo remains in Agloe. Quentin books a bus ticket home and they share a farewell kiss. Before he leaves, Margo tells him that she has been in contact with Ruthie since leaving Orlando.

Returning to Orlando, Quentin enjoys the company of his friends at the prom. After graduation, he continues spending time with them throughout the summer before they all leave for college.

The rights to the film had been optioned since at least ; [7] Green wrote the first draft of the screenplay himself. Although the novel features a scene set in SeaWorld the location was changed after the release of the CNN documentary Blackfish which was highly critical of the theme park keeping orcas.

Although the novel is set primarily in Orlando, Florida, North Carolina's tax incentives for filmmakers made it the affordable choice for principal photography according to Green. The crew was encouraged to finish filming before December 31, , the date when certain tax incentives would expire.

Filming began on November 3, , in and around Charlotte, North Carolina and concluded on December 19, Cast members were dressed for warm weather even though it was cold. The film was originally supposed to be released on July 31, It was released on May 22 instead.

In the United States and Canada, the film opened at 3, theaters on July 24, , alongside two other films, Pixels and Southpaw.

However, in terms of admissions, it was second behind the former film. Paper Towns received mixed reviews from film critics.

The site's critical consensus reads, " Paper Towns isn't as deep or moving as it wants to be, yet it's still earnest, well-acted, and thoughtful enough to earn a place in the hearts of teen filmgoers of all ages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paper Towns Theatrical release poster.

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This was a very clever move that I haven't seen in a YA novel before.

Paper Towns by John Green - review

In my opinion, the best thing about this book was the discussion of identity. The book focuses on each character's different idea of Margo, and eventually their realisations that she is just a person like them. There is so much I could say about the importance of the ideals in this book. The metaphors are beautiful, and really interesting.

There are some gorgeous phrases that I would love to steal for my own writing. To give you a taster, my favourite quote is this Q is relatable as our main character, a teenager who is at a bit of a lost point in his life. He does what most people would do in his situation, and is interesting without being precocious or cringe-worthy.

His speeches are really well-written, and reveal a lot about his personality. Q's best friend Ben was a character I disliked throughout the most part of the book, with his derogatory language and backstabbing personality.

However, I think he added drama to the plot, and most readers can relate to having a friend like him. I really liked the character of Radar, Q's other best friend who is more intellectual and into posting on a site meant to be a parody of Wikipedia.

In the second half of the book, we get to know Lacey, a former popular person and enemy of the three boys who befriends them and helps in the quest to find Margo.

She was a character who I grew to like gradually, but by the end of the book I could see how necessary she was to solving the mystery.

Throughout most of the book, Margo is more of an idea than a character. Everybody has different memories of her, and so sees her differently. Q's idea of Margo evolves through the story, and her character becomes steadily more complex.Ben and Quentin talks about how to kiss a girl because Ben says that he sucks at kissing with Lacey. For one, it is foolish because they are missing out on the one last event of their high school career, all for a lead that may or may not turn out to be real.

Kirkus Reviews. Quentin brings a screw driver and starts to unlock his own doorknob. Retrieved November 7, On the day of his graduation, while getting ready, Quentin suddenly interprets an obscure Internet post to mean that Margo has been hiding in a fictitious town in New York State called Agloe which was created as a copyright trap by mapmakers , and she plans to desert Agloe immediately after May Margo takes two steps forward unlike Quentin and given the fact that she is a girl.

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