Start by marking “The Vow” as Want to Read: A massive head injury, as the result of a tragic car accident, left Krickitt Carpenter in a coma just two months after her marriage to Kim. When she finally emerged from the coma, she recognized everyone in her life except her husband. The Vow: The True Events that Inspired the Movie [Kim Carpenter, Krickitt Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction. Right there are the top of the New York Times list of nonfiction bestsellers is The Vow by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. This book was published.

The Vow Book

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Was a very emotional and inspiring book. Would have liked to read more about the years between the 2nd renewal of their vows and today. Never underestimate what a star-studded Hollywood movie can do for a poorly written book. Carpenter's account of the car crash that. Life as Kim and Krickitt Carpenter knew it was shattered beyond recognition on November 24, Two months after their marriage, a devastating car wreck left .

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'The Vow' book gives true story behind film

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Email Address. A saccharine, thoroughly lackluster paean to the power of eternal love.

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This is going to be a weird review for a couple of reasons. I can't really talk about this one without talking about the movie, because it's non-fiction, and I would have never read it if I didn't think the movie was compelling but could be better.

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I don't read non-fiction, but I picked this book up thinking it would be better than the movie. And I want to apologize in advance to the Carpenters as this won't be a five star review. I couldn't decide whether I should review this or not, bec This is going to be a weird review for a couple of reasons.

I couldn't decide whether I should review this or not, because it's a true story, and I don't want to offend anyone. But I've checked the site reviews and my thoughts seem to be on par with a lot of people's. The Carpenters are in a car wreck the day before Thanksgiving which leaves Krickitt in a coma.

The movie opens up here. The book starts a year and a half earlier.

The problem is this is the inciting incident. I know it's non-fiction, but I've read memoirs need to be as compelling as a novel.

The story starts here. Another difference is that the movie moves pretty quickly from the car accident to her trying to rebuild her life.

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The book spends way too long on the details of her hospitalization and recovery. The thing that surprised me is even though this is a memoir and the movie is fiction, I found the movie more believable in many aspects than the book.

The couple were basically pen-pals for the first year of their relationship. They met in person 2 months before they got married and were only married 10 weeks before the accident. It then took a year and a half after the accident for them to rebuild any sort of relationship worth having. I know it's true, and I don't doubt it did happen, but there wasn't enough relationship building in the book to make me believe it as I read it.

A couple of other things bothered me about the book. For example, I found the characters in the movie easier to relate to.More filters. When we work together and complement each other by filling in the gaps, we can achieve our dreams hand in hand.

And I don't know that the overtness makes God's role more apparent to the story. Kim is courageously honest in retel Kim Carpenter tells the gripping story of his whirlwind romance and marriage to Krikkit, followed two months later by a devastating three-vehicle accident that put his new wife into a comma.

Real-life couple from 'The Vow' says it 'would have been nice' to see Christian references in film

Paige then asks Leo why he never told her, and he replies he wanted to earn her love instead of driving her away from her parents. I know it's non-fiction, but I've read memoirs need to be as compelling as a novel. Really loved that. Know your priorities.

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