ABSTRACT CLAP SWITCH is a switch which can switch on/off any electrical circuit by vi CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION This is a project on. ABSTRACT. This is a project on CLAP SWITCH which can switch on/off any electrical circuit by the sound of the clap. The clap-operated circuit is a circuit. The electret microphone picks up the sound of your claps, coughs, and the sound of that book knocked off the table. Java Project on Bank Management System with project report and power point presentation free download. Clap activated remote seminar report/pdf/ppt download.

Clap Switch Project Report/pdf/ppt

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Clap Switch Presentation - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. This circuit can switch on and off a light, a fan or a radio etc; by the sound of a clap. This circuit is constructed using . Mini Project Report CLAP SWITCH. Uploaded by . Mini Project Report CLAP SWITCH - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT A circuited switch, which operates with sound of clapping hands or .. Clap Switch Presentation. Learn how to make Clap Switch using microphone. This is simple mini project for engineering students who wants to make mini project in low budget.

The output pulse width of time t. The width of the output pulse is determined by the time constant of an RC network.

The pulse begins when the timer receives a signal at the trigger input that falls below a third of the voltage supply. The trigger and reset inputs pins 2 and 4 respectively on a are held high via Pull-up resistors while the threshold input pin 6 is simply grounded. Pin 5 control is connected to ground via a small-value capacitor usually 0. Page 5. Bistable In bistable mode. Pulling the reset input to ground acts as a 'reset' and transitions the output pin to ground low state.

Thus configured. No capacitors are required in a bistable configuration. This is called divided by10 counter because it produces one tenth of square wave frequency provided from input pin pin 14 to output pin on pin Counter circuit is a digital circuit.

If 10V is supplied to IC. Page 6. Figure 3.

There are IC. The function of each pin is shown in the following. Although the maximum supplied voltage is 15V. Reset input pin 15 Pin 15 is grounded to alternate the high-state of the output pin Qo.

Re: Clap switch project report/pdf/ppt download

Power absorbed by each pin mW. Only one of the 10 output pins is in high-state and other 9 output pins are all low-sate. When the square wave is supplied to input pin Q9 of IC regularly. Page 7. VSS Supply pins pin 16 and pin 18 In 16 is connected to the positive supply and illustrated with VDD as shown in figure pin 18 is the pin to be connected to the ground is described with VSS.

Carry Out CO is also output pin. Supplied voltage 3V — 15V. CD IC Specification. In practice. If pin 13 is connected to positive supply. As a representative of the large family of bipolar transistors the BC provides a "stepping off point" to the use of more esoteric. The BC is commonly available in European Union and Commonwealth Countries and is often the first type of bipolar transistor young hobbyists encounter.

In other terms. A small current entering the base in common-emitter mode is amplified in the collector output. Most bipolar transistors used today are NPN.

NPN transistors consist of a layer of P-doped semiconductor the "base" between two N-doped layers. If the TO package is held in front of one's face with the flat side facing toward you and the leads downward. The BC transistor is a general-purpose transistor in a small plastic packages.

The arrow in the Page 8. In an NPN transistor. These electrons wander or "diffuse" through the base from the region of high concentration near the emitter towards the region of low concentration near the collector. The electrons in the base are called minority carriers because the base is doped p-type which would make holes the majority carrier in the base. NPN transistor symbol is on the emitter leg and points in the direction of the conventional current flow when the device is in forward active mode.

In typical operation.

Page 9. One mnemonic device for identifying the symbol for the NPN transistor is "not pointing in. These have been almost completely superseded by carbon or metal film resistor. They are unsuitable for RF use because of their reactance.

A capacitor made from a pair of parallel conducting plates of area S separated by a distance d.

Clap Switch Presentation

Page A capacitor is formed from a pair of conducting surfaces separated by a layer of insulator. In the past. Wire-wound resistors are used for comparatively low values of resistance where precise value is important. The arrow on the diode symbol shows the direction of convection current flow when the diode conducts.

Clap Switch Circuit Using IC 555 Timer & Without Timer

The structure of a semiconductor diode and it symbol are shown in Figure. A terminal P junction and a cathode K terminal N junction. When the anode voltage is more positive than the cathode. Structure of a Diode Figure 5.

Power diodes are usually constructed using silicon and germanium. Symbol of a Diode Page Silicon diode can operate at higher current and at higher junction temperature. The diode has two terminals. Figure 5.

When the cathode voltage is more positive than the anode. The term transistor was originally derived from the phase transfer resistor. Bipolar junction transistor consists of a pnp transistor and b npn transistor.

We used bipolar junction transistor BJT. Transistors fall into two major classes: This is referred to as a tamping diode. The spring holds the switch in one position.

Note that each pin is numbered. The coil generates a magnetic field which moves the switch. When a tamping diode is used. It's that simple. To counter this.

The Bosch 5 pin relay is the most widely used and versatile relay. You can use a very small amount of current to activate a relay. I don't give a shit either.

Before the advent of the mass produced transistor. If a tamping diode is used.

A relay. The 30 pin is set perpendicular to the other pins to let you know where each pin is at although. Bosch is a German manufacturing conglomerate who also happen to own Bosch Telekom and Blaupunkt. I don't know why they call it the Bosch type relay. Looking at the diagram to the right. A diode wall have a very high resistance in one direction. The relay we are going to look at is the Bosch 5 pin relay. I would be most grateful.

Kind regards, James. Also tell me what is the voltage at output pin of NE And what will be the max output current. Thumbs up for you… y. D is On on clap but not Off by clap… How can i fix this plz help. I need this cirite but i tried it for 5 times on my bread board and bought its commbounts for 5 times!! And its not working olease help me please. I implemented this circuit on a breadboard. When I clap near the microphone, the L. D turns on for nearly 6 seconds and then, turns off automatically.

I want to make it work like a real clap switch.

For example: D turns on the clap and turns off on a clap. Please can help me in figuring this one out. What an interesting project where i can connect and work out. Am doing a project on a clap switch please send for me more of the literature review about this field. Is there any way to check whether mic is working or not?

Pls help me!!! Thanks Engineer for the project, am more interested in the project and i would like to request you to send me the literature review of the project in my email. Sir please please please help me. Why my circuit isnt working.?? When i finish set up my circuit then i put the battery. The baattery light up without clapping. Im stress out. Your email address will not be published. Show More. Related Articles.

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Adblock Detected Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Component Name. R1, R9, R R5, R8, R10, R11, R Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. Cable Terminal.Q1 and LED1 will shine and the device connected to relay start operating.

I don't know why they call it the Bosch type relay. This circuit functions on using the sound energy provided by the clap which is converted into electrical energy by condenser microphone.

Biasing of amplifier: A transistor stage, biased near cut-off that is, almost no current with no signal amplifier the signal from the microphone. The operation of the circuit is simple. This is called divided by10 counter because it produces one tenth of square wave frequency provided from input pin pin 14 to output pin on pin The pulse of clap, which is a trigger for flip-flop makes changes to the output state that is complementary reverse.

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