View and Download Slendertone Flex instruction manual online. Flex Fitness Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download Slendertone Flex instructions for use manual online. Flex Fitness Equipment pdf manual download. Please click on the link below to download your Abs3 instruction manual as a pdf.

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Please click on the link below to download your Abs5 instruction manual as a pdf. Please click on the link below to download your Abs instruction manual as a pdf. Please click on the link below to download your Abs7 instruction manual as a pdf.

The editor also deleted entire portions of the article without paying attention to references or other entries. For instance one entry reference was left, but the content of the entry was eliminated.

This is incorrect protocol and demeans the seriousness of Wikipedia. Maybe there is some evidence for the claims made in the old article, but they were totally unreferenced and read like an advert. As for the FDA stuff, my understanding is that the FDA certified some devices as being safe but did not support their effectiveness.

I agree the article needs further improvement, but I checked the research cited in the old text and it either didn't support the claims being made or was rather obviously funded by interested parties. The FDA certifies some devices with the understanding that they improve muscle properties, such as strength, explosive strength, endurance, and recovery.

These claims are part of the documentation submitted for devices that have been certified. But worse of all was the corrections that replaced basically the whole article with explanation on EMS by Mojo-chan based on thin air.

You have to be qualified to make a statement, or you must have read scholar research and counteract it with other scholar research. Therefore the analogy with push-ups is completely wrong.

If you do not understand that, then you shouldn't engage in a discussion on the rest of research on EMS.

I have now added a number of research references to the article. If you want more, I have more, and they are all from people with PhD. But I don't think that Wikipedia is the place for research articles, and too many references would confuse the regular user. If you have doubts or want more references, please contact me or download one of the books referenced at the end of the article and read it for yourself.

Do not arbitrarily change the article with pseudo-rationale. Gciriani talk , 16 June UTC Okay then, let's remove all uncited material and start from just the basics. If you can reliably cite stuff, let's keep it in. The uneducated rationale written previously by Mojo-chan didn't need any citation to be posted; on the contrary the article that I distilled from books and research papers written by scholars of this subject, needs to have citations sentence by sentence.

Who is doing a disservice to Wilkipedia? In addition if one read only a few of the references already contained in this article, those referenced articles would answer all of the additional citations requested. It seems very unfair that one separate citation is requested for each of several sentences, when just one at the end of the paragraph should suffice. Also the two books referenced cover by themselves, each one alone, all of the content of this article.

You cannot be incredulous against science, then not read supporting material, and then post publicly to a community of readers that the supporting arguments still need further evidence.

Gciriani talk , 17 June UTC The biggest problem with the current citations is that they are mostly in journals, and thus very hard for most editors to verify. We need to get an expert independent editor to verify.

I'll see about making a request. Gciriani, please stop harassing me and any unlucky person who happens to have chosen a similar user name to me. Mojo-chan talk , 18 June UTC How about that for double standards: you didn't verify with any expert that your uneducated statement on push-ups was correct. I have here a link to some papers and abstracts. They are not the same I referenced in the article, but they contain plenty of evidence for the training effects of electro muscle stimulation.

I have more articles, but I have not obtained authorization from the publisher to post them; how can I upload them to Wikipedia please?

I think you are missing the point a bit. I'm not saying your references are invalid, I'm saying that they are very hard to check. As such, we could do with some more references that can be verified. A lot of scientific papers get posted on the internet these days, so it should be possible.

I didn't harrass anybody, I was looking for a person with your username to open a adialogue, and I sent a message asking if this person was the Mojo-chan who had posted entries in Wikipedia. My name is by the way Giovanni Ciriani. You can find me in the website. They then contacted me to let me know what was happening. I googled your name and you seem to be heavily involved in this subject. As such, I think it would be a good idea to get an independent editor to review the article.

I'm sure that you are a nice person; I just need to educate you on the subject. I have copied one paragraph from chapter four of the book that gave me some of the citations. By reading it you will probably find the origins of your incredulity. I also will also allow you to download the book from an not public page of my website: once in it click on textbook. Chapter 4 of Textbook - When looking at Electrical Stimulation sometimes known as ES, or EMS, or NMES and its applications, a primary focus must inevitably be on the development of reliable and readily available machines that can deliver biologically appropriate impulses to living tissue.

Since the s, with the emergence of mass produced circuit boards and battery controlled devices, a variety of systems have not only been made available to research scientists, doctors and therapists, but also to the general consumer.

Abs Exercises Machine

Indeed, the launch of one of the very first commercially available battery operated stimulators for the general public was in the UK. The small four channel units were safe, portable battery operated systems that used carbon graphite embedded in rubber pads electrodes as a way to conduct the signal safely.

The operating instructions were simple and designed for individual home use as a method for figure control and body shaping.

As a consequence, electrical stimulation entered the world of the consumer before being generally used or accepted by the majority of the scientific research community. This has been both a help and a hindrance to the development of electrical stimulation.

On the one hand, good market potential for stimulation devices has assured a steady flow of high quality and reasonably priced machines that offer more and more sophisticated and safe applications. On the other hand, the scientific community has perhaps viewed electrical stimulation with a certain amount of disdain and suspicion, as some health and figure shaping benefits have been over emphasized to maximize the selling potential of these machines in a highly competitive market.

Trying to "educate" editors is not a good idea, you simply need to provide good references. I'm a bit hesitant to recommend that journal because the web site looks commercial advertising opportunities are prominently advertised for example but if the references appear well researched, well cited themselves and properly peer reviewed then of course they will be accepted. There are journals with advertising and journals without; it depends on the choices of the publisher and the if circulation can sustain the journal.

What is important is whether the panel of peer-reviewers is independent or not. I'm not saying all your references are like that, I'm saying it's important to verify that they are not when you are making medical claims based on them.

The textbook I referenced is published by Verlag, a large publisher with a good reputation in scientific publishing. The textbook was published for colleges in sport-medicine.


I took a look at the style and tone guide, but I would sincerely appreciate if you pointed out a couple of the most important style and tone guidelines I'm deficient in. The paragraph added comes from the FDA guidelines. FDA asks manufacturers to list precautions, warnings, contraindications in the user manual, which is done for any drug or device in the market.

I have not seen this standard applied to drug articles in Wikipedia. I propose instead to mention that there are precautions without writing a whole paragraph. In addition the phrase used as prescribed by a practitioner is a caution label, not a precaution, and is incorrect: it misrepresents a whole category of EMS devices that are authorized by the FDA for sale without prescription and without supervision from a practitioner.

Overall, I have the impression that the various corrections by NJGW were done without knowledge of this subject. I prefer to discuss it here rather than entering into a correction war. We can discuss this by e-mail giovanni dot ciriani at gmail dot com. There was a concern at the fringe notice board that this article was overly positive.

I reworked the paragraph a bit, specifically mentioning the existence of over-the-counter versions. I see no harm however in the paragraph as a whole. I do think, however, that this isn't the normal Fringe issue. That is to say that it doesn't look like junk or pseudoscience. If there are sources which specifically show some of the precautions to be overstated then I would obviously have no problem with those statements being toned down or removed.

I just wouldn't want someone to consider these devices completely safe when they might not be. So your editing did a disservice to Wikipedia. The FDA Guidance Document for Powered Muscle Stimulator, which you consulted, is a guide for manufacturers for what should be included in the manual of devices sold to the public. It is not a guide to advantages and risks of using EMS.

If you look at what this article was, before I completely revamped it, it was a turf war between biased marketeer on one side, and biased Wikipedia police on the other side. It took me quite some effort to rewrite a balanced article, looking up bibliography, reading material and research on EMS. I understand your good intentions, but it takes more than reading the FDA document.

For instance you put precautions together with things that are not precautions. You mislead the reader into thinking that Non-Prescription devices do not need precautions.

Please note that the controller will reset itself to 0 after sessions. The keylock function also locks the programme button. This function only remains active during the session in which it is activated. Deactivate the keylock function by performing the same action again. The mute function remains active indefinitely unless manually changed. Deactivate the mute function by performing the same action again.

Programmes 6 and 7 must be manually selected and will run indefinitely unless manually changed.

You may change programmes at any time, but the intensity will always return to zero. Programme Duration No. Yes, but you must wait a minimum of six weeks after childbirth and consult your doctor first.

How do I know when to replace the gel pads? If the signal is weakening when the batteries are still OK, it usually indicates that the gel pads are worn and need replacing. If the gel pads are worn, the symbol will appear on the display.

Abs3 Instruction Manual

Replacement gel pads can be downloadd from slendertone. I can feel a tingling in my legs during a session. What should I do?

Move the two small gel pads upward and inward on your waist i. My skin is red after a session. Some skin redness after a session may occur. It is partly due to an increase in blood-flow and should fade after the treatment. It can also occur due to the pressure of the stretched belt. You should not be concerned about this, but should only wear the belt during a session.

If it is excessive, you may have the intensity too high. If the problem persists, you should stop using the product. The stimulation is uncomfortable. How can I improve this?

Ensure the gel pads are correctly positioned and pressed firmly against your skin. Switch off your controller and position the belt as described on page 4. The gel pads won t stick to the belt even though they are fairly new.

Why is this? Ensure the patterned side of each gel pad is placed on the belt. The black side of the pads goes onto your skin.

Press the edges of each pad very firmly onto the belt before and after each session.

My waist muscles are exercising but not my stomach muscles. Move the large gel pad down slightly. If this doesn t help, move the small gel pads to a smaller figure setting.

My stomach muscles are exercising but not my waist muscles. Move the large gel pad up slightly. If this doesn t help, move the small gel pads to a larger figure setting.

The belt can be washed, but you must first remove the controller and gel pads. Never machine wash your belt. This protects the internal wiring from damage in the washing machine. Do not use any bleach when washing your belt. Do not dry clean your belt.

Do not tumble dry your belt. Dry the belt on a flat surface, but not on anything hot e. Ensure the belt is completely dry before use.

If it persists, return controller for repair. E or E indicate an internal fault. Return controller for repair. If the left arrow appears, there is a problem with the left gel pad, the right arrow indicates a problem with the right gel pad and if both arrows appear, there is a problem with either the middle gel pad or all three gel pads.

However, as with other forms of exercise, some care is needed when using it, so always follow the points below and read your user manual carefully before use. Some of the points below are gender specific. English Please do not use if: You have an electronic implant e.

Slendertone Flex Instructions For Use Manual

You are pregnant. You suffer from cancer, epilepsy or are under medical supervision for cognitive dysfunction. The controller is in close proximity e. You are connected to high-frequency surgical equipment. One month after an IUD contraceptive device e. The heavy days of your period have finished. You should also ensure the intensity is kept low. You have any serious illness or injury not mentioned in this manual.

You have recently had an operation. You take insulin for diabetes. You want to use it on a young child.

You suffer from muscle or joint problems. Using the product as part of a rehabilitation programme. When applying the gel pads and belt, always remember to: Place the gel pads and belt ONLY on the abdomen, as indicated in this manual.

Abs7 Instruction Manual

Other toning controllers are available for other areas of the body - details are available at slendertone. Possible adverse reactions: small number of isolated skin reactions have been reported by people using muscle stimulation devices, including allergies, a prolonged reddening of the skin and acne.Push the unit down onto the pin.

Contour ab belt review dietspotlight. Improve your diet and try to increase the amount of exercise you do. This technology has been used in hospitals and by physical therapists for over 50 years.

Do not use any bleach when washing your belt. If this occurs, you should switch the unit off and then switch it back on again. At the end of the product lifecycle, do not throw this product into the normal household garbage, but bring it to a collection point for the recycling of electronic equipment.

It is not a guide to advantages and risks of using EMS. To get started, follow these simple steps. Flashing error messages Product Warranty In the unlikely case of your unit developing a problem, this will be displayed by the programme light and all three intensity lights flashing in unison.

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