Memory of. Light. THE WHEEL OF TIME® by Robert Jordan. The Eye of the World The Great Hunt The Gathering Storm Towers of Midnight A Memory of Light. PDF [Download] A Memory of Light: 14/14 (Wheel of Time) Robert Jordan For Trial by Robert Jordan Paperback. Pub Date Pages. Read A Memory of Light PDF. Since , when Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time® burst on the world with its first book, The Eye of the.

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Fantasy Book Reviews & Community A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon. Sanderson. The Wheel of Time, started over. 3Hju8YhtFvc - Read and download Robert Jordan's book A Memory of Light in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Free book A Memory of Light by Robert. Since , when Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time® burst on the world with its first book, The Eye of the World, readers have been anticipating the final.

Another of the Forsaken is present at the meeting, an ugly woman called Hessalam , known before as Graendal.

The Field of Merrilor Rand al'Thor , the Dragon Reborn, prepares to host a meeting of all the nations of the Westlands on the Field of Merrilor, where he will attempt to persuade them to fight in Tarmon Gai'don. In the meanwhile, Mat returns to Ebou Dar on a mission to locate Tuon , only to find the city crawling with assassins sent by one of her generals.

At the Black Tower , the internal struggle between Taim and Logain Ablar has boiled over into open conflict, with Logain missing and Taim using a form of brainwashing to turn people to the Shadow. Rand hosts his meeting, with many rulers in favor of his plan and others, particularly Amyrlin Seat Egwene al'Vere , in opposition. However, his "price" - a treaty called "The Dragon's Peace" in which borders are fixed and war is outlawed - and his plan, to shatter the remaining Seals on the Dark One's prison , lead to widespread argument.

It is only when Moiraine Damodred shows up and not only convinces all the nations to fight by referring to specific parts of the Prophecies of the Dragon but also convinces Egwene to not only go along with the plan but to break the seals herself, that the leaders become willing to sign.

Aviendha and the other Aiel , surprisingly, demand to be subject to the treaty spurred on, unbeknownst to Rand, by Aviendha's post-apocalyptic Rhuidean visions during Towers of Midnight , and are written in as arbiters of any dispute; and Rand agrees to get the Seanchan to sign it before it is put into effect. Finally, Elayne Trakand is named commander-in-chief of the forces of the Light.

The war Elayne dispatches her forces to four different campaigns. Caemlyn is to be retaken by Andoran and Cairhienen troops, as it provides the Shadow a central location from which to strike most of the west.

Exclusive First Read: 'A Memory Of Light,' By Robert Jordan And Brandon Sanderson

In the Borderlands , Kandor and Tarwin's Gap are both being overrun by Trollocs , the latter despite all efforts of Lan Mandragoran and the people of the destroyed nation of Malkier to hold it; Egwene leads her Aes Sedai to reinforce the former, while the latter becomes the new battlefield for all of the Borderlanders.

The fighting on all sides is desperate, but Elayne's is most so: her mission is to strike decisively at Caemlyn and, at victory, reassign her forces to the delaying actions at Kandor and Shienar. Unfortunately, all four commanding generals begin making mistakes that prolong each campaign: Graendal , now reincarnated into an exceptionally ugly body and renamed Hessalam , uses Compulsion on them, leading to costly extra fatalities.

However, Rand manages to score a victory by visiting Tuon in Ebou Dar. While she is a descendant of Artur Hawkwing , who once ruled the whole land partway through the Third Age , he as Lews Therin ruled the entire world during the Second Age.

Thus he secures their agreement to fight, and to the peace treaty offered to the other nations with a few provisions on captured channelers , and who may be captured in future. The Seanchan march to battle with Mat as one of their generals.

A Memory of Light

Rand now moves to the Pit of Doom with his force, whose orders are to defend the canyon until he has finished his business. They survive fairly well: Time moves much more slowly that close to the Bore, allowing Rand to begin the confrontation midway through the book while much rages around him, and also limiting the amount of damage Ituralde can do.

The two begin to duel, interrupted only when Rand steps too close to the hole in the Pattern and makes contact with the Dark One himself. Meanwhile, Perrin Aybara enters Tel'aran'rhiod in order to protect Rand from the depredations of Slayer , his personal nemesis. In this he meets with an unlikely ally: Lanfear , who evidently sees much in him of what she liked in Lews Therin.

Unfortunately, Slayer wins, and Perrin retreats for Healing , gravely wounded. Finally, Rand's grand plan to break the seals on the Dark One's prison is stymied when he and Egwene become aware that they do not have the remaining seals: some time before Rand gave them to her at the Field of Merrilor, they were switched with decoys.

Elayne's forces put Caemlyn to the torch to force the Trollocs to pursue. However, partially due to Bashere's "mistakes," they become pinned outside Cairhien , pursued by not only the Caemlyn Trollocs but a new force brought up from the north.

Only the unexpected intervention of Logain and his loyal Asha'man are able to save them. The battle at Tarwin's Gap becomes a rout as the defenders are pushed back into Shienar. At Kandor , Egwene and the Aes Sedai are able to hold their own against the Trollocs until they are unexpectedly outflanked: the nation of Shara , mentioned as early as The Eye of the World but so far unseen in the series, opens hostilities, killing a significant number of Aes Sedai.

At their head is " Bao the Wyld ," a charismatic leader who reveals himself to be Demandred , the sole Forsaken whose plans were thus far unrevealed. Mat and the Seanchan ride to their rescue, but the matter is exacerbated by Bryne's not-yet-revealed Compulsion.

Realizing that Mat's foxhead medallion makes him the only person in the world immune to Compulsion, Egwene decides to put him in operational command of their forces. With perhaps a week to fortify, Mat is as prepared as he will get, but his forces are already tired and depleted from weeks of grueling battle. Demandred, one of the greatest generals of the Age of Legends, leads the opposition, consisting of hundreds of battle-trained channelers of both genders--some Sharan and some from M'Hael and his Turned followers--and a seemingly-inexhaustible supply of Trollocs.

The battle rages back and forth, with Mat sending out orders from his command post. It becomes quickly apparent that the Shadow have a spy embedded in his command structure, forcing him to discard the battle plan and improvise against superior forces. Demandred arrives in power, at the head of a full circle of seventy-two linked channelers and bearing a Power-amplifying sa'angreal , and begins tearing apart the forces of the Light, starting with the "Dragon" cannons that Mat had placed on the high ground.

To lure Demandred into over-committing, Mat stages a public falling-out with Tuon, and the Seanchan depart the field. Perrin, though exhausted, receives Healing and returns to the World of Dreams to continue his pursuit of Slayer. At Shayol Ghul, Aviendha and the other Aiel defenders find their lives complicated when Graendal takes the field against them. And a critical piece of cargo-- The Horn of Valere , currently in care of Faile Aybara with orders to deliver it to Mat--accidentally goes astray in the Blight , forcing Faile to improvise.

Demandred and the M'Hael cause widespread devastation with their channeling, and Demandred continues to bellow that Rand must come out and face him. Gawyn Trakand , Egwene's Warder, correctly identifies him as the linchpin of the Shadow's forces and attacks him directly.

Unfortunately, he is no match for one of the Forsaken and is mortally wounded. His elder half-brother Galad Damodred , Lord Captain Commander of the Whitecloaks , is severely wounded trying the same.

Mat's command post is attacked directly by Sharan forces providing a useful impetus for his fake argument with Tuon , and Siuan Sanche is killed in the defense.

They take place in a vast and minutely imagined world: Multiple Ages, continents and countries are detailed in these pages, each with their own histories, languages, customs, sayings, food, clothing, ethnic groups, military tactics and more.

There is also an extensively developed magic system, with male Asha'man and female Aes Sedai both wielding gendered halves of a force called the Source, or the One Power. As A Memory of Light opens, we join a sprawling cast of characters as they prepare for the climactic battle of Light against Shadow; a battle that will be fought both magically by the hero Rand, called the Dragon Reborn, and on the battlefield by the armies that have gathered to support him.

In this excerpt, a schism has occurred within the Black Tower, Rand's school for male magic users. Androl, a member of the Black Tower, plots to rescue his leader Logain once a pretender to Rand's position as the Dragon from the influence of Tower commander Mazrim Taim — who may or may not be up to no good. Nonfans may be a bit lost at this point — but Wheel of Time devotees are in for a treat. A Memory of Light will be published Jan. He wore bells in his dark braids, and he smiled widely.

He always had smiled too much. We need to be focused on the Last Battle. This isn't a time for squabbling. Androl stood just inside the door, Pevara beside him.

It was surprising, how quickly this building—a former warehouse—had been transformed into a tavern. Lind had done her work well. There were a respectable bar and stools, and though the tables and chairs spread through the room didn't match yet, the place could seat dozens.

She also had a library with a considerable number of books, although she was very particular about who she allowed to use it. On the second floor, she planned private dining chambers and sleeping rooms for visitors to the Black Tower. Assuming Taim started letting visitors in again. The room was quite packed, and the crowd included a large number of newer recruits, men who didn't yet fall on either side of the growing dispute—either with Taim and his men, or with those loyal to Logain.

Androl listened to Welyn, feeling chilled. Welyn's Aes Sedai, Jenare, sat beside him, hand resting fondly on his arm. Androl didn't know her well, but he did know Welyn. And this thing with Welyn's face and voice was not the same man. He has rallied the armies of all nations to his banner.

There are none who do not support him, other than the Seanchan, of course—but they have been driven back. We need to focus one last time on our skills. The Sword and Dragon will be awarded liberally in the next two weeks.

Work hard, and we will be the weapons that break the Dark One's hold upon this land. Androl turned. Jonneth Dowtry stood near Welyn's table.

With his arms folded, glowering at Welyn, Jonneth was an intimidating sight. The Two Rivers man often had a friendly way about him, and it was easy to forget that he stood a head taller than you and had arms like those of a bear. He wore his black Asha'man coat, though it had no pins on the high collar—despite the fact that he was as strong in the One Power as any Dedicated. Well, where is he? They weren't particularly practiced in subterfuge, however. Pevara fell silent, but Androl could feel her as she considered channeling and hushing Jonneth with some bindings of Air.

They weren't serious thoughts, just idle fancies, but Androl could sense them. What had they done to one another? Androl sought the void, that old soldier's trick to help him seek clarity before a battle. Saidin was there, too, of course. He didn't reach for it.

A Memory of Light

He's exhausted. Let him drink his ale and rest a spell before you pry stories out of him. Brandon Sanderson is the author of the Mistborn books.

He was chosen to complete the Wheel of Time series after Robert Jordan's death. Micah DeMoux hide caption. Jonneth glanced at her, looking hurt. Welyn smiled deeply as the lad withdrew, pushing his way out of the common room.

Welyn continued talking about how well the Lord Dragon was doing, and about how much each of them would be needed. Androl released the void, feeling more relaxed. He looked around the room, trying to judge who in here he could rely upon. He liked many of these men, and many weren't completely for Taim, yet he still couldn't trust them.

Taim had complete control of the Tower now, and private lessons with him and his chosen were coveted by the newcomers. Only the Two Rivers lads could be counted on to give any sort of support to Androl's cause—and most of them other than Jonneth were too unpracticed to be of use. Evin had joined Nalaam on the other side of the room, and Androl nodded his head to him, sending him out to follow Jonneth into the storm. Nobody was to be alone. That done, Androl listened to Welyn's boasting, and noticed Lind picking her way through the crowd toward him.

Lind Taglien was a short, dark-haired woman; her dress was covered in lovely embroidery. She had always seemed to him a model of what the Black Tower could be.

Men made way for her; they knew not to spill their drinks or start fights in her inn. Lind's anger was not something a wise man ever wanted to know. It was a good thing she ran the place so tightly. In a city full of male channelers, a simple tavern brawl could potentially go very, very wrong. Androl didn't reply.

What could he say? That he suspected that the man they'd known as Welyn was dead?

That the entire Black Tower would soon be nothing but these monsters with the wrong eyes, the false smiles, the dead souls? I'm going to have Frask follow him to night, see where he—". Taim thought that swordfighting was useless for Asha'man, but the Lord Dragon had insisted that the men be taught.

Do me a favor. Take note of what else Welyn says tonight. Maybe some of it will be useful for me to know. Androl nodded toward Nalaam and Canler, who rose and headed over.


Rain beat against the rooftop and the porch outside. Welyn kept right on talking, and the men were listening.

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Yes, it was incredible that he'd swapped sides so quickly, and that would make some suspicious. But many people respected him, and the way he was off just slightly wasn't noticeable unless you knew him.

Then maybe you and Frask should find your way into the cellar with some supplies, all right? You have a sturdy cellar door? Nalaam and Canler reached them, and Androl turned to go, only to run directly into a man standing in the doorway behind him, someone he hadn't heard approach.

Rain dripped from his Asha'man coat, with the Sword and the Dragon on the high collar. Atal Mishraile had been one of Taim's from the start. He didn't have the hollow eyes; his evil was all his own.Let the Prince of the Morning sing to the land that green things will grow and the valleys give forth lambs. Teeth gritted, Androl reached to his collar and ripped the pin free.

Why not stay where it is warm? This isn't a time for squabbling. If you removed the names, I think it would be almost impossible to determine who might be speaking. What about the Green - the "Battle Ajah"? And that maybe I should be grieving for someone else more than for one animal but damn she was with use from the start and she deserved to live through it and have endless fields of pasture as a reward! And this thing with Welyn's face and voice was not the same man.

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