[PDF] ME Engineering Materials and Metallurgy (EMM) Books, Lecture Notes, 2marks with answers, Important Part B 16marks Questions, Question Bank &. metals and non-metallic materials so as to identify and select suitable U.C. Jindal: Material Science and Metallurgy, "Engineering Materials and Mettalurgy", . Sydney “Introduction to Physical Metallurgy” McGraw Hill Book Company, Page 2. 2. ME ENGINEERING MATERIALS AND METALLURGY.

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Chapter 1 - 1. Engineering Materials and. Metallurgy (). Lecturer: Eng. Tamer H. Haddad. Time: & (Sun, Tue, Thu). Locations. In the recent years studying the metallurgy science gave to humanity an study the properties and uses of engineering materials is to classify them. 5 days ago Engineering Materials And Metallurgy V Jayakumar Pdf Metallurgy V Jayakumar Pdf [PDF] [EPUB] Hierarchical Mn 3 O 4 /Graphene.

BT-3 Define allotropy of iron. BT-2 ,. Define phase diagram?

Engineering Materials & Metallurgy

BT-1 Show nodular cast iron is called ductile cast iron? Describe the effect of additions of chromium on the characteristics of steel? Explain the effects of crystal structure and atomic radii on formation of solid solution between two metallic elements?. BT-5 Explain with an example of eutectoid reaction BT-4 Mention few applications of the a Low carbon steel b Medium carbon steel c High carbon steel.

BT-6 1. Describe the Iron - iron carbide equilibrium diagram and label all the phases. Also enumerate the following phases A. Define a Brittleness b Toughness c Stiffness 5. Differentiate between toughness and resilience 6. Define the term creep 7. What is the importance of creep? What are some important types of strength? Define the terms a Elastic strength, b Plastic strength Define tensile strength and compressive strength Define the terms shear strength, torsional strength What are types of technological properties?

Differentiate between malleability and machinablity. Differentiate between weldablity and castablity. What are the common metals have malleability?

What are the factors affecting machinability? What are the some common metals have weldablity?

What are the various factors affecting formability? Define the term castablity. What are the factors affecting mechanical properties of a metal? What is meant by plastic deformation Define the term slip Describe mechanism of slip Define twinning What are types of twinning? Describe mechanism of twinning?

Differentiate between slip and twinning Write down the classification of imperfections Define point defects What is meant by Frenkel defect? What is meant by Schottky defect? Define electronic defects Define the term line defects What are the factors affecting the CCR?

What is meant by normalizing? What is quenching? List some of the quenching medium. What are the factors affecting the hardness? What is meant by hardnability?

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What are the factors affecting it? What is induction hardening?

ME6403-Engineering Materials and Metallurgy.pdf

Explain the jominy end quench test used to determine hardenability of steel. How will you draw hardenability curves this sheet? Explain: 1. Annealing 2.

Spheroidising 3. Normalizing 4. Hardening i What are austempering and martempering? What are their purpose?

Carburizing 2. Nitriding 3. Cyaniding 4. Carbonitriding Write short notes on a Flame hardening b Induction hardening. Draw the schematic isothermal transformation diagram corresponding to 0.

ME8491 Engineering Metallurgy Notes Regulation 2017 Anna University

Explain hardening and tempering process. What is the main strength mechanism in high strength aluminum alloys? What are the effect of chromium and molybdenum in low alloy steels? What is the purpose of magnesium treatment in producing S. What is stainless steel?

Select Proceedings of ICEMMM 2018

What are the types of stainless steel? What are HSLA steel? What are the important copper alloys? Write short notes on: i Gray C. I ii White C.

I iii Malleable C. Definition 2. Types 3.BT-5 Machining is necessary where tight tolerances on dimensions and finishes are required. Define solute and solvent.

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Thats why metals ductility is very important in sheet metal working. Distinguish between Brinell hardness test and Vickers hardness test What are the types of testing are used in engineering? The work hardening is the mechanism, which prevents local yielding and increases the uniform elongation elongation in a tensile test up to necking.

Define tensile strength and compressive strength

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